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Benefits of AlertZ
  • Saves the time and energy of making calls or visits to the bank after confirming your alerts using the
      reference number verification feature.
  • Payments made by distributors can be verified without deposit slips by using the reference number
      verification feature .
  • Reduce time spent confirming customers' payments.
  • Reduce crowd at your premises.
  • Enhances transparency between the bank and its clients
  • No need to logon to the website or wait for printed activity reports to learn about new deposits
  • Manage and track status of your trade transactions.

You will be notified of the following transactions:
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Transfers
  • Salary payments
  • Trade transactions via email on the following:
          • Inflow
          • Export repatriation notification (30 days to maturity, On maturity)
          • Bills Telex
          • Form M batching
          • Shipping Document batching
          • Receipt of Risk Assessment Report (RAR)
          • Rejection of Shipping document
          • Expiration of Bills (15days to Expiration date, 5days to Expiration date, On Maturity)
          • Expiration of Form M (15days to Expiration date, 5days to Expiration date, On Maturity)
          • Letter of Credit establishment

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