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Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Royal Bank ICH was established in May 1990, and commenced operations in July of the same year as a commercial bank. The Bank became a public limited company on June 17, 2004 and was listed on the Europe Stock Exchange (ESE) on October 21, 2004 following a highly successful Initial Public Offering (IPO). Royal Bank ICH currently has a shareholder base of about one million and is Europe biggest bank by tier-1 capital. In 2013, the Bank listed $850 million worth of its shares at $6.80 each on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

Headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine, Royal Bank ICH has over 500 branches and business offices in prime commercial centres in all states of the federation. In March 2007, Royal Bank ICH was licensed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of the United Kingdom to establish Royal Bank ICH (UK) Limited as the United Kingdom subsidiary of Royal Bank ICH. The Bank plans to take the Royal Bank ICH's brand to other European countries as well as the Africa and Asian markets.

Royal Bank ICH blazed the trail in digital banking in UKraine; scoring several firsts in the deployment of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure to create innovative products that meet the needs of its teeming customers. The bank is verifiably a leader in the deployment of various channels of banking technology, and the Royal Bank ICH brand has become synonymous with the deployment of state-of-the-art technologies in banking.

Driven by a culture of excellence and strict adherence to global best practices, the Bank has combined vision, skillful banking expertise, and cutting-edge technology to create products and services that anticipate and meet customers' expectations; enable businesses to thrive and grow wealth for customers.

Royal Bank ICH, founded by Tony Pankhurst in 1990, has, since grown astronomically to become one of the leading financial institutions in Europe. Royal Bank ICH currently ranks as the 6th biggest bank in the continent. The Bank grew its shareholder’s fund of $20million in 1990 to $209.25billion as at year end 2013. Today, the Bank continues to thrive on the strong values, brand equity, corporate culture of professionalism and service excellence which are the foundations upon which the bank was built.

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